Saturday, March 9, 2013

3d Metal Printing is Another Huge Leap into the Future!

The future just started!
Things I think will happen:

3d metal printers get cheap enough for everyone.
Everyone develops an reverse engineering past time, making parts, electronics, sharing ideas.
Home made solar panels and wind generators take off.
People become infinitely more self sufficient.
Discarded plastic, glass, and metal become highly sought commodities.
We begin mining landfills for their material.
(For some reason everyone starts a backyard garden.)
(Corporate farms evaporate and nature comes back.)
Retail chains dry up.
Technology takes a leap forward as a flood of open source schematics flood the internet.
People band together on larger and larger projects.
We crowdsource space projects.
Develop faster than light travel.
Establish colonies throughout the galaxy.
The future of humanity is assured forever.


Copyright legislation puts a big boot up our butts and none of that happens.